Mahaffey Debate Tournament 2/2 : アメリカのディベート大会レポート2

Let's talk more detail about what I saw during rounds in the tournament! 

 I didn't take part in the tournament, but could see many awesome rounds!  Motions were these (THB=this house believes)

          1. THB election day should be a national holiday
          2. THB western countries should stop aid toward African countries for gay right
          3. THB England should leave EU.
          4. THB western countries should reach out North Korea with diplomacy engagement 
          5. THB US and Latin America should legalize consumption, sale and trade cocaine and marijuana.
          6. THB General David Petraeus should resign.
          7. THB the republican party needs more Cato Institute and less Karl Rove.

          1. 選挙日を祝日に行うべきである。
          2. 米国はアフリカ国々への支援をゲイの人権促進のため取りやめるべきである。
          3. イギリスはEUから外れるべきである。
          4. 米国は北朝鮮に外交的関係のもと支援の手を差し伸べるべきである。 
          5. 米国と南アメリカはコカインとマリファナの消費、売買、取引を合法化すべきである。
          6. デービッド=ペトレアスは辞任すべきである。
          7. 共和党はケイトー研究所をもっと使用しカール・ローヴに頼らないようにすべきである。

haha not sure about my memories and English.

but whatever, ISN'T IT DIFFICULT?? for me, it's totally impossible to debate about them in 20min preparations.  Motion 6 and 7 were for semi final and final round, that's why they are so crazy. I even couldn't understand what they were about until my team mate explained me for 10 minutes!!  And guess what, during the preparation, debaters are not allowed to use all electronic devices.  So, you cannot use your damn computer and your damn smart phone and your damn Ipaaaaaad!!!! This is re-di-cu-looou-s!!!!!
 I really wonder when I can get enough skills to take part in the round....


Especially, the easiest motion was surely the first election one. But even for that, I suffered my lack of knowledges about American Politics.  Debaters in the round mentioned a lots about ballot sheet or mailing system in Oregon, but it was not easy to catch up.  Also they were saying "tuesday" many times. First I heard this, I didn't get what was tuesday, but later could get it was for the Presidential Election day. You know the day in the US is always tuesday.


During the debates, I took notes to follow debates.  All debaters have this kind of notes and we call them flow.  This is so helpful to follow debate and actually I love taking flow.  I usually got too nervous to take flow during my round, but if it is not my round, I can enjoy taking this.  But because of format's deference between American and Japan, I haven't found out what is the best way to take flow. 
 This flow picture is from a nice girl who did really amazing speech in MO which means first speaker of second opposition.  I love seeing amazing speaker's flows.  When I see that, I feel I can see the wise people's brain maps.  Actually this helps my flow's improving a lots!


One debate round takes at least 56 minutes, and I had been the same hall without having meal for 7hours on the second day.  but I was rather excited and really enjoyed this tournament.  I couldn't understand discussion perfectly, but what made me so excited was that Americans' funny speech!  They make a speech with many jokes and entertain audience a lots.  So even if their speech is not so relevant to the topic, I felt their abilities of public speech are beyond their real debate skills.

BPスタイル(Britich style Parliamentary debate)は一試合最低でも56分以上かかります。試合最終日の二日目は私は7時間ディベート会場を離れずに観戦してましたが本当に面白かったですね〜。多分まだまだみんな伸び白はあるんだろうけれど、そういうこと以前にオーディエンスを楽しませるスピーチというのがみんなしっかりできていてすごいと思いました。まぁこれもポリシーディベート(裁判用)ではなくてパーラメンタリーディベート(市民用)という市民のためのディベートという精神からなのかもしれないけれど、それでも演説の爽快感、抑揚、リズムとかの技術を見る限り高校生ディベート甲子園の全国優勝試合を何度も見てるみたいでめちゃくちゃ楽しかったです。

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