Painless Delivery : 痛みのない出産

Since I came to America, I've been surprised about many medical issues in here, but at the same time, I feel Japan is a developing country at medical point.  Recently I heard about painless delivery for the first time, and it was very shocking for me.


In Japan, we have a virtue that "The more painful childbirth more worth" and painless childbirth is literally uncommon.  As I said above, I've never heard of that for 21 years and I believe few hospitals in Japan have this option.  When I was 16, I knew I hate all pains.  So I've been kinda ready to deliver by Caesarean section just in case since then :D.


I couldn't find simple graph, but I found painless delivery is getting more common in all developed countries.  There are more 95% of pregnant women choose the option in America and France.  What about your country?  Incidentally, there are only 2.2% of pregnant women choose painless childbirth in Japan.  And I really don't get why this graph doesn't have the Caesarean section.


Caesarean section is still popular in America.  This is because of birth business.  They don't want people stay in hospital longer, so if their babies are not coming on time, doctor give labor promotion medications and ask Caesarean section.  Last year's Beyoce's baby was born by Caesarean section too!


I think people should spread information about painless delivery more in Japan.  I've believed I could only have a baby through the crazy pain or cutting abdomen, and these images have worked very negatively about the pregnant idea for me.  I'm sure there are many women like me in Japan.  After I got this option, I feel natural childbirth sounds like so ancient way!


I post a funny video here.  In this video, two Dutch guys try to stand artificial labors and this is very hilarious! Their screams remind me of gay porn and you will see why...lol
You can see this with subtitles.

関連記事 : 男性は陣痛の痛みに耐えられるのか


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